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Eid ul-Adha in Lexington, Kentucky 2021

When: Eid prayer will be on Tuesday, the 20th of July. The prayer will begin promply at 8:30 AM in shaa Allah. The doors will be open at 7:45 AM.

Where: Central Bank Center (previously named Rupp Arena) 430 West Vine Street, Lexington, KY, 40507. Enter from High Street Entrance,  Upon entering building the hall is located on the left side, Exhibit Hall B.
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Masjid Bilal Ibn Rabah is open for regular daily prayers and Friday prayers.


We will start praying without social distancing on Friday, July 2, 2021. We will lineup with no gaps during prayer. We will keep all other items listed on the previous covid-19 guidelines issued on June 23, 2020. Masks must still be worn while in the Masjid.

1st Khutbah at 1:30 PM   |  Iqama at 1:50PM
2nd Khutbah at 2:10 PM  |  Iqama at 2:30PM
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Katheeb of Friday Prayer

 1st Khutbah at 1:30 PM   |  Iqama at 1:50PM
2nd Khutbah at 2:10 PM   |  Iqama at 2:30PM

Daily Prayer Schedules

Al Hafiz Ali Abed and Br. Ahmed Altameemi lead the maghrib, isha, and fajr daily prayers. Please see its schedules here.   

O Allah, I ask of Your pleasure and for Paradise, and I seek refuge from Your displeasure and from the Hellfire
Weekend Halaqa

Every Weekend After Fajr Prayer