Rules and Regulations

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Before registration, you must read and agree to School Rules and Regulations

Online School Hours

Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Attendance is 10% of total grade accumulation. Students will be marked ‘Tardy’ 10 minutes after lesson begins.

Required Items

All students must have writing materials (pencil/pen and a notebook). Loose papers are not recommended unless allowed/provided by teachers

Parental Involvement

Parents are requested to reply to teachers’ emails, phone calls or text messages, when there is a specific request to respond. Please read all emails received from school administration and your class teachers.

Home Work and Report Card

Teachers may assign homework. Please ensure that your child completes his/her homework before its due date. Please help your child with homework as needed. We request for parents to spend additional time working with their children. Report Cards will be given by the teacher and will be discussed with the parents during the Parent- Teacher meeting.

Dress Code Guidelines

All students and staff of our School are required to dress in an attire that is prayer-ready as defined by Islamic law.

Bringing Inappropriate Materials

Students may not bring toys, electronic games, or playing cards of any kind. Cell phone usage is not allowed during class. Students are also not allowed to engage in any other forms of distraction during lessons.

Student Behavior

Students are expected to sit and pay full attention, behave properly, be respectful to teachers, and not distract other students during lessons. Students may lose points for misbehavior.