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Special Announcement

from Dr. Jamil Farooqui, President of the Executive Committee

Assalam Alaikum,

All Praises are due to Allah, The Most Exalted, for giving us the opportunity to serve Masjid Bilal and this beautiful, vibrant, and diverse community of Lexington. 

Throughout its long and established history, our Masjid has been steadfast in providing a consistent place for Muslims to pray, interact, learn, and grow as a community. Over time, we have expanded our mission to serve the greater Islamic community of Lexington and this mission is strengthened by the presence of our full time Imam, Alhamdolillah. 


Our masjid's efforts would not be possible without the selfless service of the members of the Executive Committee, the guidance of our Board of Trustees and the continuous and unwavering support of our community. 


On behalf of the EC of Masjid Bilal, I want to thank you all for the support you have given the Masjid and current EC and humbly want to share the fruits of our endeavors in this short period of time.


Some of the work the Executive Committee has been doing in addition to Daily and Friday prayers arrangements are as follows:


  • Having a Full-time Imam since January 2022, Imam Dr. Shaheed Coovadia.

  • Reformatting the Jummah Journal with a new look.

  • Updating and maintaining the Masjid Website.

  • Expanding our social Media presence on Face Book and Twitter.

  • Hiring security/police help for traffic control on Fridays for safe entry and exit from the Masjid.

  • Broadcasting Friday Khutbahs on you tube.

  • Launching the Masjid App for better access to the Masjid and community.

  • Organizing Family Night and Eid Celebration on July 24, 2022

  • Organizing Ramadan Activities including Taraveeh, Qiyam-ul-Lail, Atika’af arrangement and Community Iftars.

  • Providing Family Assistance and Zaka’at distribution to needy families on both Eids.

  • Partnering with ICNA Relief for Family assistance, Udhiya meat distribution, Back to school project and Flood relief efforts.

  • Installing a TV in Masjid for community information and announcements.

  • Maintaining the community garden at the Masjid property.

  • Organizing COMMUNITY EDUCATION Activities such as:

    • Weekly Articles by Imam Dr. Shaheed Coovadia, in Jummah Journal.

    • Weekend Halaqah.

    • Quran Classes 5 days a week during summer

    • Brief Dars / Khatirah (Reflection) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

    • Arabic Beginner and Intermediate Classes on Tuesdays

    • Islam 101 for new Muslims on Wednesdays

    • Islamic Studies using Arabic texts on Thursdays

    • Weekend Islamic School on Sundays




My Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I humbly invite you to become the member of Masjid Bilal and continue your generous support and volunteerism for the betterment of our community. 


May Allah give us strength and wisdom to serve his house and people. AAMEEN

May Allah bless our community. AAMEEN

Your Brother, 

Jamil Farooqui

President, Executive Committee of Masjid Bilal

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