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Qur'an Quiz No. 6

I am mentioned in the Noble Quran.

My dear baby brother was separated from me and my grieving mother.

But Allah inspired me with a clever plan, and through my recommendation, my brother was reunited with my mother again.

Who am I?

Qur'an Quiz No. 6

The sister of Musa (AS)

And the heart of Moses’ mother ached so much that she almost gave away his identity, had We not reassured her heart in order for her to have faith ˹in Allah’s promise˺.

And she said to his sister, “Keep track of him!” So she watched him from a distance, while they were unaware.

And We had caused him to refuse all wet-nurses at first, so his sister suggested, “Shall I direct you to a family who will bring him up for you and take good care of him?”

This is how We returned him to his mother so that her heart would be put at ease, and not grieve, and that she would know that Allah’s promise is ˹always˺ true. But most people do not know.

(Qasas 28:13)

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