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Image by Rachid Oucharia

Surah At Taariq, ayaat 8-10

September 15, 2023

Surah At Taariq, ayaat 8-10

The One Who created man from an ejected fluid that emerges from between the backbone and the ribs is able to recreate him in the Hereafter and resurrect him for the requital. (on the day when people's inner secrets will be examined) that is, when what is hidden in people's hearts of good or evil will be disclosed and made manifest on their faces. Allah SWT says elsewhere: (On the day when some faces will become bright, and some faces will become dark...) (Al 'Imran 3:106).

In this world, many matters are concealed and not visible or known to people, but on the Day of Resurrection, the righteousness of the righteous and the evil of the evildoers will be made manifest, and all matters will be laid open.

(Then man will have no power to help himself) and defend himself (nor anyone to help him) or support him. This is an oath concerning people when they do deeds and at the time of their requital.

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