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Image by Rachid Oucharia

Surah Ar Rahman, ayaat 1-5

August 25, 2023

Surah Ar Rahman, ayaat 1-5

This great surah begins with the name of Allah, ar-Rahman "the Most Gracious", which is indicative of the vastness of His Grace and Mercy, the All-Encompassing nature of His Generosity, and the abundance of His Kindness and Bounty.

Then Allah SWT mentions that which is indicative of His Mercy and its impact that Allah SWT causes to reach His slaves, such as blessings both spiritual and worldly. After mentioning all kinds of blessings, Allah SWT reminds two prominent groups (namely humankind and the jinn) to give thanks to Him, by saying: "Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?"

Allah SWT tells us that He "has taught the Qur'an" that is, He has taught His slaves its words and meanings, and has explained it to them. This is the greatest blessing and mercy that He has bestowed upon His slaves, as He sent down to them an Arabic Qur'an with the best words and the best meanings, which contains all that is good and deters against all that is evil.

"He created man" in the best shape, with a perfect, well-designed body and faculties. The Creator perfected the creation of man and made him distinct from all other living beings by teaching him "speech", which is the ability to express what is on his mind. This includes both verbal speech and writing. Speech, by means of which Allah SWT made humans distinct from other creatures, is one of the greatest blessings that He has bestowed upon humanity.

"The sun and the moon follow their calculated courses" that is, Allah SWT created the sun and the moon and made them to be of service, running according to their calculated courses, out of mercy and care for His slaves, and in order to serve their interests thereby, and so that people may know how to count the years and measure time.

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