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Petition for Halal Food at the University of Kentucky

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Petition for Halal Food at the University of Kentucky
Petition for Halal Food at the University of Kentucky
As members of the University of Kentucky community, we believe in fostering an environment that is inclusive and equitable to all. We are writing this petition to demand the availability and accessibility of halal food options on the University of Kentucky's campus. The offering of halal food options to the University of Kentucky community is important as it supports the mission statement of the university to promote inclusion and human well-being, as well as nurturing a diverse community characterized by fairness and equal opportunity. Halal food refers to food that is sourced, prepared, and handled according to Islamic dietary laws. It is essential for Muslims to consume halal-certified foods to follow their religious practices. The lack of consistent, sufficient, and accessible halal food options on the University of Kentucky's campus severely impacts the health and well-being of UK students who adhere to a halal diet. The offering of diverse halal food options across North, South, and Central campus would demonstrate the University of Kentucky's commitment to its mission statement and dedication to its community. In addition to benefiting Muslim students, this initiative would also cater to students who prefer to adhere to a halal diet and consume ethically sourced meats. It is also important to note that all students who eat meat and do not have any specific dietary needs can eat halal meat. As of now, the only reliable halal food option on UK's campus, Eiffel Pizza, is set to leave on October 1, 2023. With your support in signing this petition, we urge the University of Kentucky to take immediate action toward offering halal food options on campus. We believe that this initiative will allow the University of Kentucky to better align with its values and foster a more inclusive and equitable campus community for all its students, faculty, and staff. Completion of this Google form will serve as a signature for this petition.



Many of you are aware that Eiffel Pizza is the only consistent halal restaurant in UK dining currently. Alhamdulillah, Eiffel has been serving the community at UK since 2020. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances pushing Eiffel Pizza out of UK dining and at the moment they are set to leave UK on October 1. The team at Eiffel have expressed that they love being at UK and are so happy to offer halal food to the community here. However, due to the circumstances, they are having to leave.

The Muslim Student Association is working diligently to find a solution to keep Eiffel at UK and to expand the halal options offered on campus. We need YOUR help to make this happen. Please take the time to sign and share this petition to show UK that offering halal food to its students is a necessity, and without this, we cannot have an equitable and inclusive campus for all.

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