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Good News for the Muslim Community by ICNA Relief

Good News for the Muslim Community: ICNA Relief is proud to say that after working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the past two years to provide guidance on expanding halal food options through the emergency food assistance program (TEFAP), we have been able to put together a resource page that labels and lists out current halal available to TEFAP participants. This is the first step in this process and the USDA's first institutional step to recognize “halal” as a proper food category. We hope this will serve as a bridge to further conversations and bring more community members to the table. In the future we will be working to educate @usdagov suppliers, distributors, and wholesalers on the requirements of halal certification. Our ultimate goal is to expand the number of halal protein options in the program. Visit for more about halal foods offered through the TEFAP program.

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