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Collected by Imam Al-Bukhari Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismail

With commentary based on the checking, editing, rulings, and comments of:

Imam Muhammad Naasiruddeen al-Albaanee

Shaykh Husayn ‘Awdah al-‘Awaayisha

Shaykh Sameer bin Ameen az-Zuhayree

Dr. Muhammad Luqman as-Salafee

Chapter 1:

On The Words of Allah The Exalted: “We have enjoined man to be kind to his parents.” (29:8)

1. Abu ‘Amr ash-Shaybani said:

“The owner of this house (and he pointed to the house of ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud) said,

‘I asked the Prophet ﷺ, peace and blessings be upon him, which action Allah, the Mighty and Exalted, loves best.’

He said, ‘Prayer at its proper time.’

I asked, ‘And after that?’

He said, ‘Then dutifulness to parents.’

I asked, ‘And after that?’

He said, ‘Then jihad in the way of Allah.’”

He said: “He told me about these things. If I had asked him to tell me more, he would have told me more.” (Authentic)

The hadith exhorts towards observing the Prayers at their stipulated times, and being dutiful to parents. It also shows the keenness of the companions of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ for good deeds, and the importance of giving responses to questions based on the condition and need of the questioner. Otherwise, he ﷺ had mentioned faith in Allah and His Messenger ﷺ, Jihad and the well-performed pilgrimage, in that order, in other narrations as the dearest deeds to Allah - the Most High.

2. ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar said:

“The pleasure of the Lord lies in the pleasure of the parent. The anger of the Lord lies in the anger of the parent.” (Sound)

This is because Allah - the Mighty and Exalted - has ordered obedience and dutifulness to the parent. So, they must be obeyed except when they order disobedience to Allah, the Most High. The hadith is also reported from the Messenger ﷺ as from his saying and graded authentic by Imam Al-Albaanee in Silsilat al-Ahaadeeth as-Saheehah (

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