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Prophet Morals and Etiquettes
(Al-Adab Al-Mufrad)

Chapter 11:

The Supplication of Parents

Chapter 10:

The Punishment For Disobeying Parents

Chapter 9:

A Person Should Not Revile His Parents

Chapter 8:

Kindness To The Non-Muslim Parent

Chapter 7:

On Being Dutiful to Parents As Long As That Does Not Entail
Disobedience to Allah

Chapter 6:

Disobedience to Parents

Chapter 5:

On Repaying Parents

Chapter 4:

On Kind Words to Parents

Chapter 3:

On Dutifulness to One’s Father

Chapter 2:

On Dutifulness to One’s Mother

Chapter 1:

On The Words of Allah The Exalted: “We have enjoined man to be kind to his parents.” (29:8)

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